Our mission is to be a superlative fine dining symbol of rich culinary flavours and a sophisticated ambience from the old alleys of France. We pursue this by offering our guests a unique and one-of-a-kind dining experience, where the fine romance of an intimate décor inspired by medieval times, and an exceptionally authentic array of our wood-fire smoked meats will leave customers always craving for more.

Our story

Le Maschou was born in the year 1963 by the founding duo, Jean Brialy and Gerard Fery, who worked fervently to exemplify a high-end quality epicurean experience derived from both excellent tastes, and elegance and panache of medieval France. Nevertheless, the true success of this establishment is inseparable from the work of Alain Viotti, with his arrival in 1983. Viotti's dedication to forging the Maschou into a real institution in Cannes was further embodied by his son Emmanuel, since his leadership in 2012.


Your experience at Le Maschou begins as soon as you set foot in our location. You will be welcomed by the soft crackling and earthy freshness of our open wood-fire, its hearth-roasted culinary ingredients, complemented with ambient music, intimately designed to settle you in, slow and easy.The old-fashioned cosiness of Maschou’s stone walls is inspired by the historical patterns of an old-world charm. So all you need to do is, simply sit back, relax and soak yourself in the enchanting vibe of our dreamy interiors, a superior-quality homestyle cuisine, and a concoction of flavours, with just the right amount of indulgence.For a clientele of diverse expectations and palate, our service only adds to the appeal of a timeless classic, where simplicity rhymes with pleasure.


Great ambiance and outdoor seating. Food is very good specially the wagyu. Check out the basket of fresh Crudités 👍🏻 for groups. Also the Australian Black Onyx is as good as Australian Wagyu  and much cheaper. Thinly Fried Eggplant is very good. Will definitely come again.
Reservation is needed and valet is available.

Hazem Kamel


Fine dining with great staff. The food was good but a bit pricey and totally worth it. Couldn’t have enough from the eggplant chips the rest of the dishes were good



Amazing food meat chicken sea food just delicious as much as the dessert. The ambiance is amazing and the decoration is very authentic. Located in the Safarat district and it’s so luxurious and beautiful. A must try once you visit Riyadh.

Raed Al Wehebi